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Menner Chiropractic Helps You Get Back Where You Belong

Our goal at Menner Chiropractic is to help you get back where you belong. Active families need proactive chiropractic care from highly experienced medical staff who are here to help you stay fit and active. Come to Menner Chiropractic in North Barrington, Illinois, and get back where you belong.

Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic medicine is a branch of medicine that concentrates on the treatment of neurological dysfunctions as well as musculoskeletal aches and pains by a non-medicinal non-surgical approach.

Nutrition & Wellness

We believe that vitamins, nutrition, and lifestyle choices play a significant role in a person's overall health. We will work with you on adopting a healthier lifestyle out of the office to supplement your treatments in office.


With two treating doctors, five massage therapists, a reflexologist and lymphedema specialist and an outstanding office staff, we've got experts available to serve your needs.