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Alexis- (CA / LMT)


Alexis is a massage therapist who recently graduated from National University of Health Sciences in the summer of 2016. She's currently in school to one day become a physical therapist or a chiropractor. She became interested in massage therapy because she firmly believe the body is brilliantly equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms. 

Did you know… The body's natural self-repair mechanisms only fully function when the nervous system is in relaxation response?

One of her favorite areas to massage is the neck and shoulders because she use to suffer from migraines and it was the only remedy that helped her at the time. She likes to focus around the base of the skull to bring relief to others the way she was able to find relief.

When she is not studying for school, she enjoys spending time reading, writing, sewing and playing a variety of instruments.


American Chiropractic Association
Illinois Chiropractic Society
National University of Health Sciences