How does the Bodyblade® Work?

The key to Bodyblade® is the rapid contraction technology which automatically contracts your muscles up to 270 times a minute. With over 600 muscles in your body, Bodyblade® automatically contracts the right muscles at the right time, every moment you’re exercising for a fast, effective and intelligent workout. The harder you drive the blade back and forth, the greater the flex, and the more resistance you receive resulting in a strong, reactive and stable body.

Body Blade

Our office offers an array of personal fitness exercises, post rehabilitation exercises and sports performance enhancement exercises. Today more than ever we want to train smart with strong consideration towards wellness, core stabilization, muscular endurance, strength, balance and coordination. 

It's rare to find a fitness product that can be customized to fit so many diverse needs. The Bodyblade® products can challenge and satisfy a full range of exercise needs for everyone from children to seniors, rehab patients to world class athletes, and fitness enthusiasts --from beginners to professional bodybuilders. 

It's safe, portable, and will challenge your imagination, and keep up with your progress as you continue to advance your fitness level.

Whether you are physically challenged in a wheelchair, recovering from surgery or an injury or a world class athlete, our doctors combine strength exercises with stability exercises. It will improve your balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and it gives you a lean, strong and great looking body!

The benefits include:

  1. Increased overall strength, balance and coordination
  2. Improved joint stability, flexibility and wellness
  3. Increased cardiovascular fitness
  4. Stronger, more reactive core
  5. Increased muscle endurance
  6. Effectively targets all muscles groups in the body automatically to maximize calorie burn
  7. Lean toned body in a fraction of the time of a traditional workout

  Eat Well. Move Well. Live Well.

For more information about if the bodyblade is right for you, or if you have other questions about it.
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 Credit: Bodyblade®

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