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How to prevent injuries while being physically active?

injury advice

As some of you may already know, Dr. Dave works out 1-2 times a day, once before work and again after work. We often have patients asking him “How do you prevent yourself from getting injured?” As you might have heard muscular injury is one of the major problems facing today’s athletes, both recreational and professional. As a result, it is imperative to utilize the most effective means to aid in deterring these injuries. 

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Fueled through Nutrition



Training for a triathlon can be hard work. One of the most important aspects to keep in mind is how you fuel your body with the proper nutrition. As many of you know a car requires gasoline to run, you also have a choice of gasoline grades to use depending on the performance you want out of your car. Likewise, your body requires fuel for energy, and just as there are different grades of gasoline, there are different types of foods to fuel your body. The timing, type, combination, and consistency of foods you eat can greatly influence your energy levels throughout your day!

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Training for a Triathlon


As some of you may know I participated in my first triathlon last year. This year I decided to do it again and ended up beating my previous time! The question I am asked the most is "How did I condition my body in the weeks prior to get ready for the upcoming triathlon?".  For me, it all starts with my mindset, making the commitment was only the first step. Everyday I was training I challenged my self and pushed my self outside of my comfort zone.If you workout regularly you can be ready for your first triathlon in only 12 weeks, granted I recommend getting started sooner to give yourself more time if you currently are not exercising regularly.

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Overall Wellness

How does Chiropractic Care Promote Overall Wellness? 


As chiropractors we know that adjustments are good for your general health. Millions of satisfied patients cannot be wrong. But what do chiropractors know that the rest of us do not?

They know the nervous system is the one system in the body that directly affects every other system. This is because nerves conduct sensory information from every part of the body and then delivers this information to the brain. Once there, the brain analyzes the information to determine what the body needs to maintain a healthy state. So the health of this system is paramount to the good health of the rest of the body.

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Lifestyle Choices

How can you change your lifestyle for the better?

Lifestyle choices

Our lifestyle choices play a key role in keeping us from getting hurt or sick. Limited sleep, inactivity, and poor nutrition can increase the risk of injury and disease. Also, increasing our sleep, activity, and the quality of what we eat and drink can speed recovery from a disease or illness. Less than 70% of adults get enough sleep each night. Poor sleep—less than 7 to 8 hours each night—is related to depression, work-related injuries, and weight gain. In addition, less than 45% of adults get the recommended 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity daily. Inactivity is tied to chronic disease, weight gain, and poor sleep. Finally, only 30% of Americans are at a healthy weight. Poor nutrition—too much sugar and fat and not enough fruits and vegetables—is linked to disease, depression, and inadequate sleep.

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WHY IS ERGONOMICS IMPORTANT? work space ergonomics2

Think about how many hours each day you spend sitting. If you work in an office setting, you are likely sitting more than most people. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics, on average, 95% of an office worker’s day is spent sitting in front of the computer. Sitting in front of a computer all day for work is a relatively new concept that has become more common over the past two decades. Consequently, the adverse health effects associated with prolonged sitting have become more prevalent and are exacerbated when working at a computer. This is often due to poorly designed computer workstations and the physical stress that it places on joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves of the body.

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