Gluten and Sugar Free Nutrition Plan

 During the month of January in 2017 our office embarked on a wonderful journey with no gluten and no sugar in our diet for a full 30 days!


Why sugar?

Sugar is the epitome of evil. It is the culprit of more diseases than we even realize. The biggest disease being type 2 diabetes, also called insulin resistant diabetes. It develops due to an overload of sugar and your cells are unable to absorb and process the excess sugar. Chronic and systemic inflammation is one of the worst side effects of the inability to clear the glucose in the bloodstream.

Why Gluten?

Gluten is the other item to avoid. What is Gluten? It is a protein that helps to create the sticky nature of wheat-based products, i.e. pizza dough, doughnuts, pancakes, cookies, cakes, muffins. Many people do not have a full blown allergy to gluten which necessitates the Celiac’s Disease label, although, the body often has some sensitivity to the gluten. More importantly, gluten is typically associated with excess carbohydrate intake in the form of omega-6 fatty acids. These particular fatty acids are broken down into enzymes that increase your body’s inflammation and pain centers. In particular, there is an increase in prostaglandin E2 which is primarily in charge of the typical inflammatory cascade redness, swelling, and pain. Overproduction of this enzyme can lead to chronic inflammatory conditions.

Now that you know a few of the reasons why you need to change your lifestyle, you can begin your journey to EAT WELL! 

Eat Well. Move Well. Live Well.


Sugar and Gluten Free Testimonials

"Going gluten/sugar free was a great experience. The biggest difference that I noticed was the bloated feeling was gone. It also forced me to think ahead and have good food and meals planned out. I am going to continue to have this as part of my daily routine."
--Michele B.

"On January 1st, I went gluten and sugar free with the rest of the office and it was one of the best lifestyle changes I had ever challenged myself with! The week of withdraw and another week of cravings was all worth while when I saw the many differences. From a person with a major sweet tooth, now all I have to do is eat a cutie and cravings pass guilt free. Waking up has become easier and staying awake through the day did not require caffine. I generally had more energy to do what I wanted to do throughout the day. I feel less bloated and have less aches and pain and daily soreness. That's not the only pain that had left. I had digestive problems and chronic migraines at least once a week. When I took on the gluten and sugar free diet I had not had any digestive problems of any kind and only had one migraine for the whole month of Janurary. In 25 days I had lost 25 lbs! I look and feel like a different person--- A better, more confident me!"  --Alexis W.

"What I learned the most about going gluten free for a month was how easy it was to find foods at the supermarket, prepare meals at home, and choose gluten free options when dining out. The health benefits that I felt was feeling less bloated and having more energy throughout the day (at work, home or at the gym). I also noticed that I made better food choices during the day by watching my sugar and fat intake, increasing more fiber, and eating more fruits and vegetables. Overall, I feel like it was a great experience for me."
–Lana N.

"This past month going sugar and gluten free was one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had. Before this I was feeling tired, fatigued, and had random low back pain. After the first week, not only did I feel more clear headed, I also had more energy and no longer felt the pain in my lower back. This helped me feel more motivated and proactive in my every day activities. I was never much into cooking, but now I am having fun creating each and every meal. One of the hardest parts for me was being around friends and family members who could eat whatever they wanted. I had to prepare my meals ahead of time and always brought my own food with me wherever I went. With every temptation, I learned that I have more self-control then I had ever realized. I plan on continuing without sugar or gluten while trying to conceive and throughout my pregnancy. My goal for the future is to teach my family how to make healthy nutritional choices in life."   –Katelyn A. 

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