Vote Strength

Vote Strength

I have slight memories of Popeye growing up eating his spinach and then getting super strength.

I don’t think it got me to eat more spinach but I was definitely envious of his strength. I don’t remember many kids that didn’t want super strength when they were young. That desire for strength didn’t continue into middle school and high school.

As a runner, I didn’t see the point of weightlifting. If I had to do it over again I think I would have done a little more strength training in the off-season.

Strength training gives us the support to perform workouts and tasks every day. When we increase the demand on the muscles your body increases muscle fiber recruitment and development to make the task easier.

Strength training also increases the demand of support on our bones making them grow stronger and denser. This is of huge concern for the older population. Strength training can decrease the risk of broken bones and increases proprioception.

If you find yourself in cardio only workouts start incorporating strength to get a true full body workout!

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