Choose Meditation

Choose Meditation

It is Sunday, and I cannot think of a better day to talk about meditation.

There are many forms or meditation: guided, prayer, sitting in silence, going for a walk, driving to work. Of course most of us have the image of sitting on the floor legs crossed and palms up and saying “ohhhhmmm.”

But meditation is more than that. It is a time to get back in touch with your body and surroundings.

In our current society it is tough to find 5-15 minutes of downtime to take for yourself. Now I am telling you to sit around to meditate. Who the heck and has time for that?!

Meditation is a break that allows our brain to better understand what our body is telling us. For me it recharged and refocuses. You really have to experience it on your own to see how you feel.

Biggest advice is be consistent. Get at least 7-10 days straight of trying to meditate. It is not easy to shut our brains off for many of us. It takes practice and discipline. We can find 10 minutes of not reading FB or Instagram, watching tv, surfing the web (is this still a thing?), complaining about something, playing video games, or watching cat videos on YouTube.

There are an abundance of apps and other resources online. I personally enjoyed the Headspace app as it is guided and a great way to start if it’s new to you.

Happy thinking or not thinking.

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