Vote Chair

Vote Chair

Now, the first thing I think of when I read ‘Vote Chair’ is “I love lamp.”- Anchorman Of course there is more to this post than that. We sit now more than ever and that has led to many health problems.

The chair I want to focus on is the chair you use at work. A proper chair for work can make all the difference in the world for your back and neck. Do you find yourself sitting on the front half of your chair and then slouching on your desk? This is an all to common image in an office setting and your back and neck are screaming for help the entire time.

So what should the proper chair be like? You should be able to sit all the way in the back of the chair while still maintaining contact with your feet on the floor.

Your chair should be able to slide under your desk. When seated at your chair you should be comfortable enough as to not need to lean forward onto a desk to see your computer screen. These are all simple things to satisfy. I suggest a firmer chair as well to maintain proper support.

Even better, don’t have a chair at all and get a standing desk!

Homework: Analyze your office chair to see if it meets the above standards.

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