Want To Win a Championship?


Check out this great article from the Washington Post about Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback in NFL history, and how he chooses to treat his body.

  • He uses more alternative care and allows his body to heal naturally.
  • He follows a strict diet of NO SUGAR, DAIRY, or WHITE FLOUR.
  • In a separate article, also a great one, he is reported of having 2 smoothies per day.

Still think we are crazy for pushing no sugar or gluten so much?

He takes a beating week in and week out and continues to bounce back because he gives his body the proper nutrition and care to avoid inflammation, which helps him heal faster. You never see his energy get deflated on or off the field. He is a true competitor and great proponent of alternative healthcare!

“Really in my recovery and how my body feels each week,” he says. “I basically always want to feel 100 percent for every practice and game. I know that is not always possible, but that is my goal. For the most part, I achieve that unless I sustain a big injury in the game. Then I have to work hard to be able to be ready for the game on Sunday.”

“You can only work as hard as your ability to recover. I am confident in my process, and I feel there is not another 39-year old in the world that can recover faster than me. I have been blessed to learn the right methods, through my nutrition, hydration, pliability and proper rest. It’s really not that hard if you do the right thing.”

– Tom Brady

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