Vote Avocado!

Today starts the 40 days of healthy politics!

Vote Avocado!

Oh no politics! I hate that stuff. Don’t worry. I’m not going to talk about real politics. There are enough people doing that already. I’d like to provide to you an avenue for a break from all of the political chaos.

Each day there will be a “political” sign in my yard with a different health topic. Some straight forward, some not. I am also writing a blogpost explaining the importance of each topic. Follow the office on Facebook or Instagram @MennerChiropracticLLC to follow along with all of the fun!

Growing up I never knew avocados existed. It was not until college that I was exposed to this delicious green stuff called guacamole. I remember it clearly it was this new restaurant in Columbus called Chipotle.

Back then I don’t think they even charged more than 25¢ or 50¢ for adding it to the order. Enough about delicious guacomoooollleee. Why choose avocado for your health? Loads of healthy fat keep you full.

Close to 75% of the calories in an avocado are from fat in the form of oleic acid. This is useful in fighting inflammation throughout the body. The increased fat also makes it easier to absorb fat soluble vitamins. There are many other benefits to avocados but Google can provide you with more information if you truly desire. The point of this is to get you thinking about incorporating more of this delicious green fruit into your diet.

Think of it this way: “An avocado a day keeps the between-meal hungers away.” – Alan Broering, D.C.

Homework: Incorporate an avocado throughout your day at different meals. I strongly recommend breakfast with nearly half of an avocado. Watch that 10 AM hunger disappear!

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