Vote Turmeric

It’s all the rave right now! We all have inflammation! Do you know what inflammation is? Inflammation gets a bad wrap. It is actually a normal and necessary process of our body.

Our body undergoes an inflammatory process in order to heal damaged tissues and fight infections. During the inflammatory process our body releases different hormone like chemicals which lead to us feeling pain.

The real issue becomes when we have prolonged and excessive inflammation leading to more pain than we can handle. Our first thought is let’s get some Advil, Tylenol, or Aleve.

Most NSAIDs work on blocking the pathway that creates these pain hormones therefore halting the inflammatory pathway. The difference between turmeric and the over the counter medications is that turmeric is naturally anti inflammatory. Curcumin is the active ingredient within turmeric.

It works similarly as the other NSAIDs but does not have the side effects that they contain with prolonged use.

Supplementation isn’t the only way to get turmeric into your system. You can cook with it too but be prepared though as it will most likely turn your food yellow!

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