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Choose Yourself

It is easy to get consumed with doing things for others. Kids, spouses, friends, neighbors, coworkers, strangers, and countless others take up so much of our own time.

Choose Yourself

It’s time to put yourself first! Without your own health in tip top shape can you continue on your current path? I hope that over these last 40 days you have been able to take a deeper look into your own health.

To quote Dr. James Chestnut – “There are 3 things we like to blame for disease. Bad Germs, Bad Luck, and Bad Genes. But in reality more of them are from bad choices.”

Is this statement purely true in all instances? No, but it should get us thinking more about the daily decisions we make. We want to find a cause and a reason for feeling the way we do and when it comes to the human body there are too many variables that go into developing diseases and even staying healthy.

We have more control over our health than we think:

  • We choose to eat a cookie over a fruit or vegetable.
  • We choose to sit on the couch and check our social media or watch TV instead of checking something off of the todo list.
  • We choose to hit the snooze 8 times before getting out of bed instead of waking up on the first alarm and having time in the morning.
  • We choose to have the late night snack instead of water.
  • We choose to go to bed late just because our favorite team is playing late.
  • We choose to eat more potatoes and bread instead of extra broccoli or asparagus.
  • We choose to view food as enjoyment instead of fuel!
  • We choose sedation instead of movement!
  • We choose laziness instead of drive!

Now go out and take control over your health and your future!

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