Chronic Case of The Mondays

Dr Alan and family

My wife, Jennie, and I have an energetic nine-month-old son. Parenting is hard, but very rewarding. Lately though, we have had a chronic “case of the Mondays.”

We’ve felt sluggish and tired, busy, unmotivated, and uninspired to do more than what really must be done. Being parents—titles we’re still getting used to—makes us want to change our lifestyle.

We’ll do anything to be around for all of our little guy’s big (and small) moments. We’re TIRED of being tired, so we decided to DO something about it. Knowing our diets can be partially to blame, we have a plan.

  • We will cut all gluten and process sugars from our daily intake.
  • We’ll also clean out our bodies with a bentonite and psyllium detox every morning of the first week.

Yes, it will be hard. We like to munch on bread and sweet treats as much as “that guy over there.” But we’re up for the challenge. Are you? Come back to read about our journey from Sugar Gut to Healthy Glory.

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