Toughing It Out

One week in and going strong! We are feeling great and full of energy.

The first week wasn’t without challenges. Both of us felt normal detoxing symptoms — stomach cramping, cold sweats, and a mild headache. They were nothing we couldn’t handle and tough out for the greater goal.

Saying no to the delicious Rice Krispie Treats at a small group BBQ we attended Friday evening was my biggest challenge.

The weekend also brought Mother’s Day! This was Jennie’s first! We spent most of the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather, working on our deck, and doing a photoshoot for Payne. We wrapped the day up with delicious grilled cedar plank salmon (which I caught on Wednesday from Lake Michigan).

This week we are continuing our clean diets. We will continue the bentonite and psyllium mixture and will add digestive enzymes before/during each meal. We just have to remember to take the silly capsules. That’s the hardest part!

I listen to a daily podcast and Monday’s was about becoming a leader. While listening to it, I couldn’t help but think that’s what I’m doing with this diet, leading others to join and follow us toward a better lifestyle.

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