Choose Movement

Choose Movement

We are born to move! So then why do we spend so much of our day sitting? Growing up and even now, sitting still for too long of a time seems boring to me.

The worst thing I could ever say to my mom was the good old “I’m bored!!” I think secretly she liked hearing that phrase because there was always some chore that she would think to keep me occupied; clean your room, vacuum, dust, clean out the garage, clean the toy closet, help your dad outside, or even pull the weeds!

Movement is necessary for our bodies. When we move our whole body feels better. We utilize the calories we eat instead of allowing them to get stored in our body as fat. We release chemicals that make us feel better and increase our energy.

It creates a better hormonal balance. We build strength and propriception – our body’s awareness. Without it our joints become stiff almost like they are rusting shut. We become lethargic, fat, slow, and lose drive.

Nobody wants to feel that way, so get out and MOVE!

Homework: If you plan on sitting for 3 hours watching football be sure to get up during half time and MOVE!

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