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Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. It is so vital to our body yet most of us do not get enough. Proper hydration supports a healthy immune system, blood pressure, mucosal linings, muscles, and pretty much every other activity in our body.

We can die of thirst!!!!!!

Ok, I think I got the point across about water but how much should you drink per day?

Half your body weight in ounces is the recommendation for water consumption. Then for every 15-30 minutes of exercise, you should add another 8 oz. if you are starting to get your intake back up so it gradually throughout the day.

Do not chug the water. If you chug it the water will go through you just as fast as you drank it. Initially when getting to half your body weight you will need to use the restroom more. Your body will adapt and you will feel better when you have the proper balance inside!

Homework: Calculate how much water you typically get in a day. If it’s not half your body weight you know what to do!

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