Choose Fiber

Choose Fiber

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word fiber is Raisin Bran.

It was a staple in the house growing up. My dad’s favorite cereal. Packed with bran flakes and sugar coated raisins it made the perfect choice of the day to keep you regular and to keep you feeling full.

In the case of most bran flakes and high fiber cereals, you get the benefits to insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps to allow bulk to your stool and creates a liquid plumber like effect as it passes through clearing out the junk. Soluble fiber is called such because when added to water the fiber becomes soluble.

This is the fiber that is found in most of our plant based foods. The fiber that is in most whole foods works to slow the absorption of sugar into the body. Therefore, making it easier to control our blood sugar levels.

When breaking down a whole grain into flour you destroy a large part of the fiber network making it easy to extract the simple carbohydrates which are quickly transformed into glucose in our mouths.

The recommended amount of fiber per day is 20-30g. Most of us are lucky to get 10-15g. When adding fiber to your routine do it slowly and make sure to drink extra water. This will help to minimize the bloating or possible constipation as your body adapts to the increased consumption. So do your digestive system a solid and eat more fiber.

Homework: Calculate the average amount of fiber you get in a day. If under 20-30g slowly increase it using a mixture of fiber types.

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