Vote Coconut Oil

Vote YES on Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become a staple in our household over the last few years. We use it just as much as olive oil to cook. I like the flavor it provides and more importantly the nutritional benefits.

Coconut oil is considered a medium chain triglyceride. What this also means is that it is full of a lot of different smaller fatty acids each of which can have different health benefits. Medium chain triglycerides can go straight into the liver to be utilized as energy via ketone breakdown.

Other fatty acids such as lauric acid can be transformed into monolaurin which can fight against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Other health benefits of coconut oil include: increased fat burning, increased HDL, decreased hunger from the fullness that healthy fats provide. One of the big things to keep in mind when purchasing coconut oil is to choose organic unrefined coconut oil.

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